Why Online Reviews Matter For Your Dental Practice

You may be asking yourself “why are reviews important for my dental practice?” In today’s world, its vital for every business to have an online presence. Your dental practice is no exception. Consumers now heavily rely on the web to find services and business. Therefore, online reviews are more relevant than ever. Over 88% of consumers look for reviews before considering a product, service, or company.  Therefore, having positive online reviews can make a difference between getting a new patient and more business or not. Your online reviews and a strong online presence help your business establish credibility. So, below are just a few reasons why online reviews are important for your dental practice!

Why Online Reviews Matter For Your Dental Practice

3 reasons why online reviews matter for your dental practice are explained below

1. Attracts or repels future patients

Having the opportunity to read positive experiences from past and current patience’s is helpful for potential clients. This helps the patient decide if your office is the right fit for them. If you have a better review online then other local dental offices, chances are the potential patient is choosing your practice over the lower scored dental office.

2. Help market your dental practice

Having a marketing strategy is vital to the success of your dental office. Online reviews are yet another tool to help market your business. Because reviews are written by actual patients, potential patients trust it more than paid marketing strategies.

3. Educates you on how your patients feel about your dental office

Reviews are a great way to receive patient feedback! Negative or positive, reviews give you an inside look at your patient’s experience in your office. So, this is just another reason why online reviews are an important aspect of your business.

Tips to Develop an Online Review Approach

1. Be direct

The best way to ask for reviews is to approach the patient directly. Most of your patients will happily take the time and make an effort to leave a review of your practice on your website or a third-party review site. You can display a patient review form on your website and post an update on your practice’s social media page that requests patients to leave their feedback. You may personally contact patients who are enthusiastic about your practice. Most often, a direct question such as “Do you mind reviewing us online?” will earn you a review.

2. Make the review process easy

easy reviews

Regardless of how great your customer service is, not many patients will be willing to go out of their way to rate your dental practice. It is unfair of you to expect patients to remember to review your practice when they get home or post a review where you want them to. For your patients to post a review, you will have to make the process easy for them by giving them step-by-step instructions. You can also send them a link to your social media page or URLs to specific sites.

3. Send personal emails

emails asking for reviews

Personalized emails to patients thanking them for their business are an excellent way to stay top-of-mind. Instead of sending an automated email for gathering patient feedback, consider calling them or writing them handwritten notes. This is an effective method as it can also help you extend your reach. Emails will not only enable effective communication but will also add a personal touch to the entire experience, which may earn you positive patient reviews. However, be sure to keep the email professional and to the point.

4. Offer incentives

Discount on services

Though it is considered unfair to offer freebies or bribe a patient for writing a review, you may offer incentives in the form of entry into a contest to anyone who leaves you a review. You can also offer discounts and gift coupons to encourage patients to express their opinion. You can consider announcing a plan where you will extend discounts or priority passes to patients who will take the time to rate your dental practice online or post a review on different sites.

5. Provide excellent customer service

good customer service

This is the most important factor. If you expect your patients to post encouraging feedback about your dental practice, you will have to give them an unmatched customer service. The way you make your patients feel will leave a lasting effect on them. You must train your employees to extend an excellent service to every patient. Small gestures will help your patients feel more connected to your practice and assist in generating positive reviews.

6. Use multiple review sites

Review us on multiple websites

Your customers are all unique and use different sites. For example, some use traditional consumer sites like Yelp, industry-related websites such as Health Grades, or even social sites like Facebook. These sites give you greater visibility and they also give your customers choices. Keep in mind, some review sites frown on businesses asking for reviews; so, be sure to know the guidelines for each of these sites.

7. Manage and respond to reviews promptly

It’s important when you receive reviews or testimonials, to acknowledge them promptly. Treat the exchange like a conversation. If someone spoke with you or gave you a compliment, you would respond and thank them; not doing so would be considered rude. Plus, responding quickly and showing appreciation for their feedback will encourage more feedback.

8. Displaying the reviews on your dental website

patient reviews

Visiting a dentist can be painful experience and a dental practice with no reviews could be a downfall. Getting patient’s reviews is just half the job while displaying the reviews on your dental website could be another half. Reviews on your dental website attracts even more patients because they tend to go through the reviews before dialing that number and having a satisfied rating can generate more patients for your practice.


Today, most of your prospect patients are connected through the technology called Internet. They go through multiple websites but before even dialing the number, they go through the patient’s reviews which shows your expertise in your practice from a patient’s perspective and can even relate to some of the reviews which potentially generates lead for your dental practice. So, try to get as many reviews as possible because you get many of your patients through your previous patient’s experiences only.

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