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Dental Website Analytics

Optimizing your dental practice website begins with a deeper understanding of each element of your site's performance. Maccrony real-time reporting gives you seamless report feedback to help you clearly see areas of opportunity.

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"“My Dental office opened brand new in September 2015. We opened with zero patients and enlisted the crew at IBIS Technologies from Atlanta to help with our online presence, website and advertising. I recently enlisted them to do our SEO campaign and am looking forward to another jump in our sales. I would definitely recommend IBIS to any business and will continue to use them in my future offices.”"
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On average, Dentists that utilize the Dental Macrosite along with the Power Patient Plugins™ generate 10-20% more traffic than marketers using another dental website.

Turn Web Insights into a Plan of Action

Custom Reporting

Many practices require attention to specific processes and protocols set within the office. With our proprietary dental management software, custom reporting within this module provides an integrated approach to managing the practice as a business.

Website Audit Analysis

The Audit Analysis component of this module tracks down those mistakes and allows a chance to make changes before it’s too late. This can capture missed production opportunities as well as collections and insurance mistakes that could easily improve profitability.

Profitability and Fee Analysis:

It is vital to identify which procedures are most profitable and which ones reduce profits. This analysis can be used to clarify cost structures and target areas of opportunity to reduce costs. Using that information, fees can be evaluated and adjusted to more appropriately drive profits.

The Dental Macrosite Power Patient Plugins™ integrates your content to a full-funnel marketing system, optimizes it for search engines, and tailors your dental website to individual viewers. All from the start.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools & Analysis

Compare Visibility, Clickability, Convertibility across channels.

Compare the visibility, clickability and convertibility of your different digital marketing channels to see which ones are driving the most views, visits and results so you can execute better marketing based on data and not guesswork.

Use the Budget Estimator to Project Results in Seconds.

The budget estimator helps you determine what kind of results you'll get based on your budget. The tool uses your past data to forecast future results. See what your projections are if you move your budget up or down in seconds.

Compare KPIs Across All Digital Channels Over Any time-frame

Track and compare key performance indicators across any digital marketing channel over any time period to see if the trend is going up or down. This is a fast and easy way to see how things are progressing with your digital marketing.

On average, Dentists that utilize the Dental Macrosite along with the Power Patient Plugins™ generate 10-20% more traffic than marketers using another dental website.



Understanding your dental office has never been so easy. Maccrony Analytics dental practice management software simplifies the key drivers of your business.


Maccrony Analytics shows dental management and staff exactly what to measure. Everyone in the office has a responsibility that can be measured.


Identify the Patient's behind production opportunities with our dental software to take immediate and effective action for improved production..

Real Time

Know what’s happening right now. Help your dental marketing with our innovative dental office software. Get the information you need in time for direct action.


Quickly identify areas of opportunity with easy-to-use, dental software program’s customizable gauges focusing on the key drivers of the practice.

Cloud Based

Our cloud-based service allows easy access to results to everyone from dental office managers to dental consultants from anywhere, anytime.

Customized, Fully-Managed Research-Driven Marketing Plugins™ Proven To Grow Your Dental Practice


Maccrony Marketing Plugins™

All-in-one Inbound Marketing Software to Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers.



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