Using Email Marketing More Efficiently For Your Dental Practice

Getting dental patients to return to your office for regular exams and treatment is the secret to a thriving practice. How can one build lasting relationships with their patients and using Email Marketing more efficiently for your dental practice? An email newsletter can help.

An email newsletter can alert patients to special offers, provide tips about dental health, share news about your practice and more. As patients regularly read your newsletter, they’ll feel a closer bond with your practice. Here’s what you need to know to start your dental email marketing.

Tips For Using Email Marketing More Efficiently For Your Dental Practice:

1. Determine the frequency:




As a dentist, running our dental email marketing campaign you want to be consistent in your efforts. For instance, if you implement a monthly newsletter, be sure to avoid large gaps in the timing of when your newsletter is published. Stick to a regular schedule.

2.  Collect email addresses:

email address collection

As a dentist, you have great opportunities to add people to your subscriber list right in your own office. When new patients come in for an appointment, you can ask them to provide their email address on their paperwork. If you don’t already have email addresses for your current clients, you can ask them to share theirs when they schedule their next office visit. Look for other opportunities in the community to attract new subscribers. Community health events are a great medium for educating the public, establishing your expertise and inviting new visitors to subscribe to your email. Also, never underestimate the value of a free incentive. Those free toothbrushes you hand out at your office? Bring them along as an incentive for new subscribers.

3. Choose an email marketing service:

dental marketing services

When you use a solution specifically designed for the dental industry like IBIS Technology, managing your dental email marketing is easy. Don’t worry if no one in your office has graphic design abilities: IBIS Technology gives you access to attractive email templates so it’s simple for you to create your email newsletter. You can also segment your email list so your newsletter only goes to relevant recipients.

4. Find photos and images to use:

dental photography

Visuals are essential to an eye-catching email newsletter. However, don’t just grab an image off the Internet and put it in your newsletter. You must have licensing rights to any photos or images you use. iStock, CanStock Photo and Shutterstock are three stock photo sites that sell licensing rights to photos for reasonable prices. (Just make sure any stock photo site you subscribe to has plenty of dental-related images.)

5. Create content for your email newsletter:

Using Email Marketing More Efficiently For Your Dental Practice

Newsletters can be a powerful tool for dentists. But it’s not enough to just send out a newsletter and expect it to favorably influence your practice. Your newsletter has to impact your audience for them to care about it. And if it doesn’t benefit them, it doesn’t benefit you. Your dental patient newsletter must deliver content that readers care about—in a format that’s both visually appealing and easy to digest.
+ Choose the right format
+ Speak to your audience
+ Mind the details
+ Integrate your newsletter with other practice marketing

6. Each email newsletter should contain a clear call to action:

call to action

A call-to-action is, as the name implies, an appeal to your site visitor to take a certain action, such as “Click here to request an appointment!” You’ll sometimes see these take the form of a website button like the one to the right. Something you want the readers to do. This could also include “Read more about veneers,” “Forward this newsletter to a friend” or “Follow us on Facebook.”

7. Use analytics

web analytcs

Web analytics are a powerful tool that can be used to evaluate the efficacy of digital marketing campaigns. While many dentists may feel that it’s a waste of time to implement and use Web analytics, it can help attract more patients to your dental practice. Google Analytics, one of the more accessible Web analytics tools, is an excellent place to start your analytics journey.
+ Get Clear Customer Data
+ Optimize Marketing Campaigns
+ Identify Popular Services

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