Top 7 Techniques to Improve Your Dental Practice Website’s Usability

Have you ever relinquished a purchase or activity simply because you didn’t have the desire to deal with its complexity? It’s not that you couldn’t figure out how to accumulate the new coffee table you found at your local furniture store; it’s that further down the aisle you discovered a coffee table that fits your room just as well and comes pre-assembled. Or how about…it’s not that you wouldn’t be able to find what you’re searching for on one online store; it’s that you feel another online store’s website is easier to use.

As a culture, we’re always looking for ways to save time, which is why we highly value comfort and convenience. Just as you may pass on a product – or a means to purchase that product – for a simpler, less time-consuming option, the same can be said for individuals visiting your dental practice’s website.

If a prospective patient accesses your dental practice website, why would they stick around if

  • The site isn’t compatible with their Internet-browsing device,
  • They can’t easily access and/or read helpful information about their treatment of interest, or
  • They have to search high and low for a way to contact your office.

What would keep them from closing out of your site and finding a more user-friendly resource?

Below are Top 7 techniques you may be able to improve the usability of your dental practice website, ultimately enticing patients to remain on your site longer and eventually take appointment.

#1 Responsive or Mobile Friendly Dental Practice Website Design

With the majority of online searches being conducted via smartphones and tablets, equipping your dental website with a responsive or mobile-friendly design is critical. Patients using these devices to research various dental treatment options aren’t going to put up with a website that requires

  • Constant pinching,
  • Scrolling, and
  • Resizing just to read the content.

By implementing a responsive or mobile design, you can ensure your dental website automatically adjusts its sizing and layout to provide the best user experience, no matter the device your potential patient is using.

#2 Easy-to-Read, Informative Content in Dental Practice Website

This concerns to the aesthetics and value of your content. In regard to aesthetics, the

  • Font Size,
  • Type, and
  • Coloring should easily legible.

Any font that is

  • Too small,
  • Obscure in style, or
  • Contrasting in tone with background imagery

may cause people to strain to read your content, which can be off-putting.

Concerning the value of your content, you want to provide enough information that the patient feels informed about their prospective procedure, but not so much that they get overwhelmed. Breaking your content up into easily consumable sections is often beneficial, as is refraining from too much medical jargon. You’ll also want to employ an essential content marketing strategy while avoiding spammy, clickbait content that provides little to no value to readers.

#3 Convenient Navigation for Your Potential Patients

It doesn’t matter how great your content is if visitors have a difficult time accessing it. For this reason, providing convenient navigation throughout your dental website is essential. In addition to useful linking between complementary pages, we generally endorse an easily comprehensible navigational menu located visibly in your site’s design.

Whether you choose a menu that drops down from the header or one that expands and collapses from the sidebar, this effective tool enables visitors to seamlessly jump from one page to another to find exactly what they are looking for.

#4 Appealing Dental Treatment Landing Page Images

Including charming imagery on your homepage and various landing pages attracts people to stay on your website and navigate further. These images can be of models and/or actual patients you have treated, essentially showcasing the look or outcome that may be achieved with certain procedures.

#5 Dental Educational Videos

Many people learn better through visual aids. Providing on-page videos can be an exceptional way to not only reach these types of individuals, but also give patients a chance to hear your voice and feel as if they are establishing a personal connection before ever stepping foot in your office. Additionally, video testimonials offer a great accompaniment to written testimonials, enabling viewers to see the results achieved by your previous patients, as well as truly sense the joy and self-satisfaction you have helped them attain.

#6 Before-and-After Dental Treatments Photos of Actual Patients

People want to know if you truly walk the walk, or merely talk the talk. By including quality before-and-after photos on specific dental treatment pages as well as in an easily accessible photo gallery, prospective patients can get an idea of the type of results you may be able to achieve for them. This simple yet effective method can be essential to having a patient choose you over another dentist who claims to achieve exceptional results but provides no evidence.

#7 Visible Contact Points to Book an Appointment at Your Dental Practice

What’s the point of providing all of the excellent elements above if your visitors can’t easily contact your dental practice? In addition to having a specific page devoted to

  • Contact information,
  • Your office phone number,
  • Address, and
  • Email form should be visibly displayed in your overall website design.

When a potential patient is interested in scheduling a consultation, or even if they simply want more information, the last thing you want is for them to struggle figuring out how to contact you. To avoid this issue, we suggest including your contact information in the

  • Header,
  • Footer, and/or
  • Sidebar of your site, as well as
  • Adding a “Contact Us” link or button to every page.

If you have any questions about boosting your dental practice website’s usability, or if you are interested in acting on any of our suggestions above, IBIS Technologies is here to help. Please contact us today, and one of our friendly dental marketing specialists will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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