Top 10 Benefits of Using Facebook Ads for Generating New Patients for Your Dental Practice

If You Aren’t Using Facebook Ads to Generate New Patients… You Should Probably Start Now!

The selections available to market dental services for Dental Practices are vast. Some of the most popular ideas use Social Media networks to take a Dental Practice’s brand mainstream. And of course, one of the most beneficial social media networks is Facebook.

Below Are Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Ads for Generating New Patients for Your Dental Practice.

#1 Facebook Offers Huge Global Market

When a

  • Business owner or
  • Individual

researches the benefits of launching a Facebook campaign, one of the first things that they usually discover is its scope. In specific, Facebook is a social network medium that gives the owner access to a huge global market that consists of over 1 billion monthly users.

Behind Google, Facebook is presently noted as the second most visited site on the world wide web. Which means, companies that use Facebook for their marketing campaigns will have lots of exposure when they are marketing their dental practice ads.

#2 You Can Target Specific Audiences Based on Your Dental Services

Another benefit of using Facebook as part of Dental Practice’s promotional activities is the fact that that this social media offers targeted advertising. So, practices who use Facebook can choose specific target groups that they want their dental services ads to reach when they are deployed.

Therefore, the marketing specialist can choose a

  • Specific age group,
  • Consumers with the same or similar personal interests and much much more.

For instance, Facebook provides its dental practice owners with a tool that can search through their user profiles in order to place an ad on the pages that contain specific keywords and keyword phrases.

#3 Facebook Build Customer Loyalty and Engagement

When a dental practice launches a lengthy ad campaign, one of the essential keys to being successful is to build a loyal customer base. Because Facebook is about creating fan pages, they can be used by the practice’s representatives to interact with their patients and potential patients. Thereby, building consumers who will be loyal to a specific brand and their line of products and services.

#4 Stay in Touch with Patients Using Facebook

Another essential benefit of using Facebook in a dental practice’s marketing campaign is providing the practice with a medium to keep in touch with their patients on a relatively consistent basis. So, by using Facebook, the dental practice can offer various kinds of special promotions via their fan page. Also, when a new dental service or technology is being introduced, the fan page can be used to keep the patient updated.

#5 Facebook Use Image Based Ads to Promote

Dental Practices that use Facebook in their ad campaigns can also benefit from the flexibility that’s offered. Similar to, but better than Google AdWords, Facebook has a variety of additional features including providing more characters for describing products and services, while also using image based ads that the potential patients can view.

#6 Facebook Ads Help in Increases Customer Engagement

Once a dental practice has captured their target audience’s attention on Facebook, the next step is to make sure the audience remains engaged.

For instance, when a dental practice has a creative marketing campaign, they can use it on Facebook to post information that will keep their readers attention. In order to accomplish this objective, the dentists and their dental staff will have an opportunity to create information that will keep their customer’s attention for long periods at a time.

#7 Facebook Ads Facilitates Marketing Campaign with Multiple Ad Views

Facebook is also great for facilitating multiple ad views. With the use of these features, the dental practice has a much better chance of getting their ads noticed by large groups of users. In fact, one of the essential keys to making sure the dental practice’s ads have a positive effect, the same ad must be seen over and over again.

#8 Facebook Offers Customized Ad Campaign Features

To customize a Facebook marketing campaign, the dentists and their representatives can make their selections from a CPC pay structure or a CPM pay structures. These options are important because they allow the dentist to buy ad space based on their budgets and their preferences.

#9 Facebook is Comparatively Inexpensive Marketing Tool

In addition to having the capability to customize a campaign, the dental practice will also benefit from the affordable cost of this marketing tool. Also, since the owner can choose what kind of campaign that they want to launch, they will a chance to save money. Overall, Facebook advertising campaigns are considered to be relatively inexpensive, specifically when being compared to other traditional marketing tools.

#10 Facebook Also Offer Mobile Features

Facebook can also be accessed via mobile users as well. Therefore, dental practices can also create an effective mobile campaign for the users that have smart phones.

If you have any questions about creating Facebook ads campaign for your Dental Practice, or if you are interested in acting on any of our suggestions above, IBIS Technologies is here to help. Please contact us today, and one of our friendly dental marketing specialists will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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