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Dental Practice Call Tracking System

Understand how many, what kind and where your new patient calls are coming from. Install quality assurance metrics for those who answer your incoming calls.

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How Many New Patient Opportunities Are Being Squandered?

Call Tracking and Analytics for Dental Offices

Call Tracking Informs Your Marketing Spend

When it comes to marketing, making the tough call about which campaigns to invest in and which to scale back on can be difficult, especially when there is not enough information to make an informed decision.

Book More Appointments

Pinpoint areas of the phone process where your offices are underperforming and identify where you are losing patient opportunities.

Improve Staff Performance

Get better on the calls you're already receiving by improving staff members' performance. Take the burden of staff training off of managers and put it into the hands of trained experts.

How Dental Call Tracking Can Transform your Dental Practice Marketing?

Why Your Dental Office Needs Call Tracking?

Call Tracking Improves the Customer Service Experience

Call tracking also helps your dental reception team better connect with incoming callers. Sophisticated call tracking software can show your staff more information about an incoming caller, such as the search term they used to find your business.

Follow up with Every Opportunity

Receive an alert every time a patient needs a follow-up call so you can rescue opportunities that would have otherwise been lost.

Generate Better Leads

Gain insight into how many appointment opportunities, not just calls, your marketing sources are driving to your offices. Optimize cost-per-patient based on the phone calls your advertisements generate.

How Many New Patient Opportunities Are Being Squandered?


Number of First-Time Callers

If you simply look at the volume of calls, you will inevitably end up counting existing patients who rely on a quick internet search or consumer review site like Yelp to look up your phone number.

Keyword Level Tracking

When you are using dynamic number insertion, keyword level tracking can help resolve the question of what drives new customers to your dental website. If you have a particular service you offer, you will naturally want to know how many users are searching for keywords related to Invisalign.

Landing Pages

DNI call tracking can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your dental website landing pages by showing which pages drive calls. If your cosmetic dentistry landing pages are converting three times the leads of other landing pages, that’s important to know.

Visitor Timeline

To unpack as much data from a single phone call as possible, take the visitor timeline approach. Maccrony can show you how a customer arrived at your website, which website pages they viewed before a phone call, and what actions they took on your website before, during, and after the call.

Lead Quality

When it comes to high-end dental services, what matters most is providing quality patient care and delivering on services that people want.

Staff Performance

When the waiting area is busy, reception staff may struggle to provide high quality customer service both over the phone and in person. If new callers can’t get through to speak with a person, they may reach out to your competitor.

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