Pay-Per-Click Marketing For Growing Your Dental Practice

Dental pay per click (PPC) marketing gets your practice out there in front of the masses searching for the services and treatments you offer. There’s arguably no better channel for driving new patients. Those using Google, Bing and other major search engines are actively seeking out your services. Pay-per-click campaigns allow us to place your brand in front of them at the right time and place. In order to get the most out of your dental Pay-Per-Click marketing for growing your dental practice, you need to implement four strategies into your campaigns. These maximize the effectiveness of your ads and bring in the best return on investment for your company.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing For Growing Your Dental Practice

Let’s take a look at PPC Marketing tips for growing your dental practice:

1) Create groups of relevant niche keywords

niche keywords

Thorough keyword research is a must before you can develop effective PPC ad campaigns. Your research will uncover the ways your potential patients are looking for dentists and dental services in your area. These keywords and phrases will then be used to position your dental PPC ads in front of potential patients, which will ultimately edge out competing dental practices around you.
One of the best tools to do this type of research is Google Keyword Planner. This is one of the tools our experts use when setting up PPC ads for our clients.

2) Maintain consistency between ad and landing page


If you have managed to entice a click with your PPC dental ad, congratulations! Now you have to keep that momentum going by sending that potential new patient to your conversion optimized website so they’ll turn into a new patient. Click here for an example of one of our client’s landing pages for a dental PPC ad.

3) Optimize ads for phone responses

phone optimized ad

Clicks aren’t the only response you want to generate from your PPC ads. You also want to generate calls. There is one fantastic reason calls are better than clicks — calls are free. Google only charges you when a prospect clicks on your ads. You don’t pay a cent if a prospect sees your ad and calls your number. You can really boost your return on investment by generating free call-in leads. To do this you have to do two things — make sure your phone number is featured in all of your ads, and restrict your ads’ display hours to only the hours you’re in the office. This ensures that every call your ads generate will be handled by a real person, who can get prospects’ contact information and help turn them into customers. This is a great strategy to get the most out of your PPC ads.

4) Maximize your character limit with ad extensions

ad extentions

Your PPC ads have a very short character limit, so you need to maximize the ads ability to communicate your marketing information with as few words as possible. Google helps you out with this by offering ad extensions. There are six ad extensions, which communicate important marketing information without counting toward your character limit.

  • Location extension
  • Product extension
  • Sitelink extension
  • Phone number extension
  • Social media extension
  • Seller rating extension

5) Relevant Ad Content


Dentist Adwords management is another way to build your quality score is to maintain consistency between your ad, and your landing page, the webpage your ad directs prospects to.The body of your PPC dental ads should be a continuation of your title. Never surprise your audience. In other words, never include content in the body of your ad that has nothing to do with the PPC ad’s title. Every element of your PPC ads for dentists needs to work together and your potential new patients should already know what to expect from your body by the title you chose. Your body should also provide a call to action to drive traffic to your landing page.  For each of your ads, you should have a landing page designed specifically for that ad. The ad’s job is to get the attention of prospects and engage their interest. The job of your landing page is to build trust and encourage connection through a special offer. Through this process your prospect needs to be fully engaged, as each step builds off the previous one. The transition from ad to landing page should be smooth so that the prospect doesn’t get confused or lose interest. Google knows this and gives advertisers brownie points for maintaining a consistent design and message through the PPC process.

6) Test Your Ad Campaigns


Just setting up a dental PPC ad campaign for dentists isn’t going to work. It’s something that needs to be constantly monitored and tested either by you or by a dental marketing company that knows what keywords and tactics work in your market. Testing your PPC ad campaigns helps you find the right combination of effective title, body and website landing page so that you can increase your conversion rates over time. Don’t be afraid to test different colors, action words and even different keywords to find the elements your audience responds to best. With enough testing and tweaking, you will be able to craft successful PPC ad campaigns that essentially become new dental patient magnets.


PPC is a great way to get your phone ringing and drive new patient growth in your practice. Our team doesn’t sit back and relax once your campaigns are launched, we’ll continually monitor, optimize, and review the performance of your campaigns. Tracking and analyzing campaigns are something we do for fun. Oh and don’t worry, we make sure we know how many prospective patients are coming from this specific campaign by using unique tracking. You’ll never wonder how effective our campaigns are.

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