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Built using Responsive Design, your Dental Website, Landing Pages, Blog and Email will automatically adjust to the device your potential patients is using. No additional work, or code, required.

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"“My Dental office opened brand new in September 2015. We opened with zero patients and enlisted the crew at IBIS Technologies from Atlanta to help with our online presence, website and advertising. I recently enlisted them to do our SEO campaign and am looking forward to another jump in our sales. I would definitely recommend IBIS to any business and will continue to use them in my future offices.”"
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On average, Dentists that utilize the Dental Macrosite along with the Power Patient Plugins™ generate 10-20% more traffic than marketers using another dental website.

Marketing Plugins™ That Make Your Website Work For You

Click To Call Smart Plugin

Click to Call Dialer Plugin Allow Potential Patients To Call You Immediately from their Smartphone. 70% of your users, find their local business through their smart phones. A one touch phone click to call dialer plugin, is proven to increase phone calls to your office.

Online Appointment Plugin

Let Your Customers Book Appointment Through Online. It provides your patients, an easy way to go through your calendar and schedule your appointment.

Refer A Friend Plugin

It allows your existing customers, to go through your website, and refer a family or a friend to you. The customer is directed to a referral form. You can offer some incentive, or an offer as an exchange to the referral.

The Dental Macrosite Power Patient Plugins™ integrates your content to a full-funnel marketing system, optimizes it for search engines, and tailors your dental website to individual viewers. All from the start.

Manage & Grow Your Website With Maccrony Power Patient Plugins™

Video Commercial Plugin

More than 50% of your new customers, would have researched you before choosing you, as their local business partner. A short video about you or your dental practice, can create the level of comfort, and trust that can help them take the next step, and call for an appointment.

Smart Patient Specials Power Plugin

Upto 5 offers can be displayed on your dental website. As potential patients claim the offer, you will be provided their contact information, that can further be used to follow up for appointments. Customers offers are proven to increase the repeat appointments by 40%.

Online Reputation Plugin

79% of the people go through your online reviews before calling for an appointment. Why send your Dental website visitors to Yelp , Facebook or Google+ for your reviews where they can also see your competitors reviews?

On average, Dentists that utilize the Dental Macrosite along with the Power Patient Plugins™ generate 10-20% more traffic than marketers using another dental website.


Case Study Plugin

A Dental Macrosite never gives your website visitors a chance to leave your website without knowing what they need to know. A case study plugin, allows the business owner to prove his worth and showcase his case results for a particular service.

Blog Post Plugin

Regular Blogs increase your Organic Search Engine Optimization rankings by 69%, gives your website a better visibility on search engines like Google, and engages your existing customer and social media audience. You can directly share your blog to all social networks from a Dental Macrosite.

Online Billing Plugin

Let Customers Pay You Online From Your Dental Macrosite at their time convenience. You can give your customers the ease of paying you online through your Website with this Plugin.

Live Chat Plugin

A website Visitor can have spontaneous answers and appointment consultation over Live Chat. This feature is proven to increase customer appointments by 30% if properly used. The receptionist can use this feature to convert website visitors to patients.

Social Media Plugin

Your customers are on social media and so should you. Social Media is a must for lead generation today. Your existing customers and new website visitors can connect to your office on all social networks through the plugin.

Responsive Design Plugin

70% of the entire online community today, browses internet on their smart phones This plugin converts your website to be most user friendly and interactive when viewed on mobile Devices hence giving your website visitors a more pleasant user experience.

Customized, Fully-Managed Research-Driven Marketing Plugins™ Proven To Grow Your Dental Practice


Maccrony Marketing Plugins™

All-in-one Inbound Marketing Software to Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers.



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