Mistakes That Dentists Should Avoid For Email Marketing

Technology has become more proliferate with the increasing ubiquity of smartphones and 4G networks, and more people are staying connected to their email at all times than ever before. This has presented a great opportunity for businesses to engage in email marketing. Dentists should certainly consider the medium as one diverse facet of their overall multi-channel dental practice marketing effort. Email marketing is cost effective and can be used to reach big groups of diverse demographics at all hours of the day. However, the marketing channel is not as simple as just clicking send. There are many nuances that go into an effective email marketing campaign. Here are some of the most common mistakes that dentists should avoid for email marketing.

Mistakes That Dentists Should Avoid For Email Marketing

#1: Assuming it doesn’t work anymore

email doesn't work

Yeah the first one is what you just read. we mean the first mistake dentists make is assuming it doesn’t work anymore. But what we would like to suggest is that email is not dead but how you view it might be and how you use it might be because when you look at the stats when it comes to email, it absolutely is not dead and because of it, many dentists are not taking advantage of e-mail marketing.

#2: Hard-selling

hard sell

Many dentists just blast off, they don’t ask, they don’t talk about the patient’s problems, they don’t talk about the patient at all. They’re just talking about their dental practice and wanting to hawk their history and expertise. And it’s a huge problem and it’s one of the reasons why the email has about a reputation because it’s like who wants that stuff in on their mobile phones or in their inbox that no one wants that. There’s way, way too much. Dentists are just selling their specialization and not trying to develop a relationship with their patients.

#3: Writing email in a too stiff and formal way

formal and stiff email writing

Speaking of email writing, that’s the other mistake that dentists make. It’s way too stiff and/or way too formal. Dentists need to write an email like they’re having a conversation with their patients. Dentists need to make an effort to follow up with the services their patients received and have to have a concerned email send to their patients post surgery and/or any other service.

#4: They see email as a separate entity in internet marketing

seperate entity

The other mistake that dentists make is that something isn’t just related to email marketing but related to the internet marketing world in general. Dentists see email as a separate entity completely but we think everything is part of an ecosystem. To us, it isn’t at the heart of an ecosystem but it’s still part of an ecosystem and it doesn’t stand on its own and which needs to be explained using an example of “how email interfaces and integrates with your dental practice on Facebook?”

#5: They don’t segment it


According to our research, one of the biggest mistakes dentists make with email marketing is that they don’t segment it. We’ve all received the email about buying the service that we’ve already bought. All of us has received that annoying email and the whole concept of segmentation is that dentists send out emails in response to their patient’s behavior, right? And if someone has visited your dental care for a particular service, don’t invite them to visit for the second time. whether your patients like your service or not, but if you keep on sending the same email for the services they’ve already benefited, your patients get annoyed and as a dentist you don’t want to annoy your patients, instead, you need to get more and more leads through their word-of-mouth.

#6: Mobile unfriendly emails

mobile unfriendly

More and more people are relying on their smartphones to check their email while on the go. In fact, according to Business 2 Community, more than 75 percent of people read email on mobile devices. This necessitates the formatting of emails to ensure that they are mobile friendly. While this might sound like a daunting undertaking for dental practices, its actually a straightforward enough process when working with the right dental practice marketing company. Additionally, a little effort could go a long way toward pleasing potential patients.

#7: Bad subject lines

subject line

According to Single Grain, the subject line is far and away the most important asset in email marketing. The subject line has to act as your introduction, your pitch and your action of persuasion all at once. It must be concise enough to not bore audiences while still being interesting, entertaining and compelling enough to draw readers in to open the email. It’s also important to implement a system where you can track the response rates of your emails. Go through the data to figure out which emails are being opened most frequently and see if you can spot a pattern among effective subject lines.

#8: Not providing fresh content

stale content

Ultimately, content remains king in the world of marketing, and email marketing is no different. Audiences and readers want to be enthralled or have a real reason to read the email. Simply providing links to your dental practice’s blog or re-threading much of the same content will ultimately force audiences to tune out. Instead, you should be constantly providing updates on oral hygiene, the dental industry, the latest practices and special deals that will entice audiences to keep coming back to your emails.

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