How Does Your Dental Practice Rank on Yelp?

As we optimize the web presence of your dental practice, our largest focus is on getting you ranked in Google’s general search. If someone sits down at their computer and does a search for “new york dentist,” or uses similar search terms, you want to be highly ranked.

But one of the trends on the Internet is the diversification of search. Even within Google, rather than searching for “new york dentist,” more and more people are searching for “dentist near me,” which brings up an entirely different result. Or they may be going to Google maps for their search. Also, more and more people are searching on their phone rather than on a desktop computer. And now we have Amazon’s Echo device.

When users ask iPhone’s Siri or Amazon’s Echo to find a dentist, both devices use Yelp rankings in delivering results. Because of this, in June, at IBIS Technologies we began tracking Yelp rankings for all our clients that are using our Maps SEO services. And for those clients, we will work with you to enhance those Yelp rankings.

Yelp rankings are tied to Yelp reviews. The more reviews, and the more positive reviews you have, the higher your ranking. So the bottom line? Pay attention to your Yelp reviews. We have written about Yelp reviews before. Click the link to read more.

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