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You shouldn’t have to put on battle gear to get your email to look just right. Maccrony makes email layout easier. Build your content, preview it live, and feel confident before you send.

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""I just love the new call tracking service from Maccrony. It confirms the fact that many people who are calling our office are looking up our phone number by finding our web page. Being able to identify the number of people who use our web page and end up as new patients is extraordinary and it seems to be multiplying very quickly. First a couple people a month, then around 7 a month, and now around 5 a week!""
testimonial3 Dr Bill Keller - Orthodontist @ Bayfront Dental Care

Starting at $200 / month. Included with Maccrony Practice Booster and Practice Dominator subscription. A/B Testing is a part of Maccrony Enterprise.

Send Better Email

Easy Creation and Editing

Create and edit the content of your email easily, without any code necessary. Build your own template, or choose from hundreds of pre-existing templates in the marketplace.

Tailored Emails for Every Recipient

Utilize Maccrony Smart Content to tailor every email to your recipients, whether it's sending different messages for prospects vs. customers, or any custom-criteria in your contact database.

A/B Test Every Element of Your Email

At the enterprise level, A/B test every element of your emails to make meaningful improvements to your strategy.

With Maccrony Email you gain access to a full-funnel marketing system, so you can easily create, manage, and send email that is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your marketing.

Manage and Measure Your Email

Integrated Analytics

Too often email exists in a silo away from the rest of your marketing efforts. With Maccrony all of your marketing channels are measured together, so you can see what’s driving conversions.

Easily Evaluate A/B Test Results

At the enterprise level, you can easily evaluate results from an A/B test, see which links were clicked most and see key performance metrics for each version.

Evaluate Each Email Send

Get analytics for each email and see who took action, not just how many clicks you generated. Get information about clicks, opens, mobile vs. desktop, and even times your email was opened.

Starting at $200 / month. Included with Maccrony Practice Booster and Practice Dominator subscription. A/B Testing is a part of Maccrony Enterprise.


Onpage Editor

What You See is What You Get with the Maccrony inline editor. Reduce hassles with formatting, and build beautiful emails that engage recipients.

Email Dashboard

Manage all your email content from one dashboard, and get insight into how emails are performing.

Email Optimization

Receive suggestions for the best time to send your email, and optimize it for performance and engagement.

Review Your Email Before Your Send

Maccrony helps you send perfect emails automatically looking for broken links, images, and personalization tokens before you hit send.

Personalized Email

Tailor your email to every recipient with Maccrony Smart Content. Dynamically show different content by lifecycle stage, industry, and any custom criteria from your contact database.

Automatically Mobile Optimized

Every email sent using Maccrony utilizes responsive design, and automatically adapts to the device the recipient is using.

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