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“For the past 3 years, IBIS Technologies Team have guided us away from money-wasters, and towards the things that will make our phone ring. But do they think that’s enough? No, they don’t! They add ‘service plus’ to everything they do, with training for our team, metrics to see what’s going on, software to actually see WHERE you have room for improvement, and guidance on how to actually do that! These guys completely understand dentistry, and their enthusiasm and love for their jobs is absolutely enjoyable to be around. RUN to get in line to work with this company! You will not regret it!”

Prosthodontist from San Jose, CA

Dr. Borris


“I’m a general dentist in California. I signed up with IBIS Technologies because my web manager suggested them because they were going to make me more present on the internet. My favorite things about IBIS is their simplicity, their leads and following and tracking the leads. They’ve increased my phone volume tenfold and we’ve had great return on investment. The impact on my business has been substantial. Our call volume is up 50%.”

General Dentist from California

Dr. Thompson

Emma Staniforth

“My Dental office opened brand new in September 2015. We opened with zero patients and enlisted the crew at IBIS Technologies LLC from Atlanta to help with our online presence, website and advertising. I recently enlisted them to do our SEO campaign and am looking forward to another jump in our sales. I would definitely recommend IBIS to any business and will continue to use them in my future offices.”

Cosmetic Dentist from Las Vegas

Dr. Staniforth


“IBIS Technologies LLC has been outstanding for us. They have significantly helped us to increase our business with great patients. Patients always tell us how they found the information on our website useful and interesting. They also take care of our social media. We track our calls and we get more than one hundred calls a month from the web site. It has been one of the best investments we have ever made.”

Prosthodontist from Chicago

Dr. Stewart


“I’ve had several different marketing companies over the years that promised results that at the end of the term looked back at the results, and they hadn’t produced. With IBIS Technologies, there’s a lot more direct contact. There’s follow-up done. The other company, I would send my money in every month, and I didn’t hear from them for a year until it was time to renew. With IBIS Technologies, there’s constant follow-up, there’s education for all my employees, and I see a greater return on my investment.”

Cosmetic Dentists from New Orleans

Dr. Jackson


“My biggest fear was not knowing how the website would work out and if it would live up to what I expected and be a good dollar value. In reality it has worked out very well and has been a very good dollar value. My favorite part of the website is that it is easy to modify or update, I get amazing customer service, and it has attracted a lot of new patients. I would tell a friend that IBIS Technologies does very nice work, they’re easy to work with, dependable, very quick responses to questions and can handle all facets of my website and internet presence.”

Periodontist from Texas

Dr. Stanley


“I’ve been with IBIS for many years and can easily say that they are amongst the top companies I have ever dealt with in all my years of business. One of the greatest aspects of this company is their customer service. Having said that, Ken, provides me with the highest customer service I’ve ever received. Ken is prompt, courteous, professional and thorough. He follows through and has a reply for me ASAP, or will refer me to someone at IBIS who can better answer my request. Thank you, Ken for all the wonderful service you provide our office.”
Pediatric Dentist from Atlanta

Dr. Diaz


“We have been clients with IBIS Technologies for several years, they aim to please! They take time to get to know you (your office) personally. They are always available to answer any questions you may have and advise accordingly. Love the fact that a friendly voice answers the phone and directs you whenever you call!”

Orthodontics from NY

Dr. Guthrie

nishita gandhi dds

“IBIS Technologies has helped my practice immensely over the last 3+ years. Rajvi and Ken have spent time and brought ideas to me that are innovative and exciting. Recently, we implemented new marketing ideas that have led to high quality treatments that are extremely rewarding for both our patients and for our practice. If you want to market your practice, these folks know their stuff!”

Cosmetic Dentist from Bronx, NY

Dr. Gandhi

I just love the new call tracking service from Maccrony. It confirms the fact that many people who are calling our office are looking up our phone number by finding our web page. Being able to identify the number of people who use our web page and end up as new patients is extraordinary and it seems to be multiplying very quickly. First a couple people a month, then around 7 a month, and now around 5 a week!
Orthodontist @ Bayfront Dental Care

Dr Bill Keller

Leading Dentist

I researched over 30 different call tracking companies before choosing IBIS Technologies. Opportunity Track helped us improve our call handling and increase the conversion of calls to patients.

Leading Cosmetic Dentist at Evans DDS.

Dr. Steve Evans

Founding Partner