How Many New Patient Opportunities Are Being Squandered?

We analyze all patient calls for problems and identify trends in your dental practice. With this invaluable metrics reported directly to you each month you can take meaningful and actionable steps to improve your new patient bookings.

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How Performance Call Tracking Increase Patient Appointments by 35% for These Dental Practices.

“I researched over 30 different call tracking companies before choosing IBIS Technologies. Opportunity Track helped us improve our call handling and increase the conversion of calls to patients.”
“I just love the new call tracking service from Maccrony. It confirms the fact that many people who are calling our office are looking up our phone number by finding our web page. Being able to identify the number of people who use our web page and end up as new patients is extraordinary and it seems to be multiplying very quickly. First a couple people a month, then around 7 a month, and now around 5 a week!
Expect New Patient Improvement with ZERO Increase in Marketing Dollars

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You Are Losing Money at the Front Desk Every Day! How would you like know how your front desk is doing handling new patient calls?



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