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Our Story

Hi. We're Maccrony.

IBIS Technologies started up in 2012, and we’ve been on an epic journey ever since. From our beginnings as an SEO consulting agency to launching the all-in-one Patient Revenue Dominator for Dentists and Startups called Maccrony.

We didn't make this product overnight. It was years of experience and experiments that drives this product into reality which we known as Maccrony.

Today, Maccrony helps more than 100+ Dental Practices across North America find and keep patients simply and profitably. We also work with start up dental practices and multi-location dental practices to create scalable marketing strategies that meet each location's unique needs.

Maccrony is Customized, Fully-Managed Research-Driven Power Patient Plugins™ Proven To Grow Your Dental Practice By 315%.

Maccrony's Journey To Success.

We didn't become a favorite choice of Dentists community overnight. Here are some of our key milestones.

  • '12
  • IBIS Technologies is Born
    IBIS Technologies is founded in Atlanta, GA by Rajvi Patel and Gaurav Patel.
  • Award-winning Macrosite Launches
    IBIS Technologies creates a revolutionary a proprietary mobile friendly website that helps Dental Practices and Startups to generate more leads.
  • '13
  • Atlanta Office Opens
    A new IBIS Technologies office is opened and become the Company's Headquarter.
  • Maccrony is Born
    In pursuit of offering best service to our esteem clients, IBIS Technologies launched Maccrony.
  • One Stop Online Buddy
    Maccrony is a proprietary all-in-one Patient Revenue Dominator based product that help Dentists and Startups to grow their Dental Practice.
  • Results Start Flourishing!
    In less than a year, we generated tens of thousands of patient leads for our clients running several hundred marketing campaigns through Inbound and Outbound.
  • Google Association
    We become proud Google Certified Agency.
  • '14
  • Named Most Promising Company
    IBIS Technologies was announced as most promising Dental Marketing Company for providing result oriented work for Dentists and Startups.
  • Power Patient Plugins™ launches
    Maccrony launches 14 Power Patient Plugins™, a Customized, Fully Managed Research Driven Power Apps proven to find and keep more patients in just a few minutes a week for Dental Practices and Startups.
  • Inbound Certification
    IBIS Technologies also acquired Inbound Certification from Hubspot.
  • Bing Adwords Association
    IBIS Technologies also become Bing Adwords Certified Premium Agency.
  • Yahoo Search Marketing Association
    We also got Yahoo Ambassador Certification for the Search Marketing.
  • Canada Office Opens
    As Maccrony continues to grow, a new office is opened in Torronto, Canadaa.
  • '15
  • Maccbot is Born
    IBIS Technologies continues to develop new tools that help Dentists and Startups in Lead Generation so for that launched marketing automation product.
  • Data Generation Tool launches
    IBIS Technologies launches one of its kind data generation tool which helps to generate new potential lead in every search.
  • Online Reputation Management Launches
    IBIS Technologies also created proprietary online review management software that help Dentists and Startups to get more 5 star reviews and also get away from Negative reviews without any hassle.


HubSpot Inbound Certification

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