Converting Price Shoppers to Loyal Patients

Price shoppers are always going to be a tricky issue in dentistry. Converting dental price shoppers in booking an appointment is a pain in the neck. Whenever you find yourself on the phone with a shopper, try to see things from his or her point of view. If you can do that, it becomes clear that shopping for prices is a very natural thing to do. Most patients have very little information to distinguish potential dentists from each other, so they’re basing their decision on the one factor they do understand — price. You need to get them in for an appointment, but doing that without offering them a price quote can be a challenge.

Tips For Converting Dental Price Shoppers In Booking An Appointment

Don’t Have Attitude With “Shoppers”

The first thing you need in order to handle incoming new patient calls – especially shoppers – is a person answering the phone who can communicate well. And I mean communicate – not just talk but also listen effectively. If you don’t have this, nothing’s going to work. They should be warm, friendly and welcoming, along with being able to give and receive communication.

The second thing is that the receptionist (or whoever handles these phone calls) must have a thorough understanding of the procedures the patient is asking about and the office’s price structure. It’s important to train this team member well so they know how to explain things properly and answer any questions.

Give Them Some Basic Knowledge Of How The Procedure Works And Why The Price Can Vary.

The best strategy to win over shoppers is explaining why the dentistry you offer is the best for the price in an inviting, non-threatening manner. Give them a reason to choose your practice other than low prices while also making it clear that they will never feel trapped or pressured when it comes to the cost of treatment. If you can reassure price shoppers that it’s not financially scary for them to come in and be seen, don’t be surprised when they decide they’re done shopping and are ready to make an investment in what you have to offer.

Don’t Be Afraid To Lose These Patients

If you build a decent rapport with them on the phone by asking questions, price shoppers will schedule because a lot of offices don’t do that. In fact, once you start communicating and asking question, oftentimes the caller will forget to ask about the price again and just schedule for their free consultation! When you’re doing a good job with this, at least 80% of inquiring phone calls should be converted into new patient appointments. If your percentage is lower than that, then it’s time for some training.

Never End A Call Without Trying To Book An Appointment

This sounds simple, but is SO important. Often, people are just a simple invitation away from visiting you and if your front office staff doesn’t actively try to book appointments, you won’t secure half as many.

Don’t Discuss Prices Over The Phone

The one thing you want to avoid doing is diagnosing over the phone. There’s no accurate way to do that and you may give the patient the price for a procedure that they don’t need, scaring them off in the process. You also don’t want to quote too low by giving the patient the cost of a simple exam. If you do that, you may get the patient to come in, but when additional treatment is needed and the fees end up being more than you quoted, I doubt you’ll get that patient to return.

Provide An Offer Or Incentive

Emphasize the quality of the practice and the concern the dentist would have over the condition of the patient’s mouth. Reassure patients that they made the right decision in calling you and that the doctor will definitely want to take a look at what’s going on in their mouths. However, without coming in, there’s no way for you to offer them a fully accurate price quote. I suggest offering them a free initial exam and making absolutely sure they understand that you’ll go over the cost of any treatment with them before you get started.

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