Complete SEO Guide to A Google-friendly Dental Practice Website

So you want a Google-friendly Dental Practice Website, you say?

First, let’s change your mindset about SEO being a monthly war with your competition on where you rank. In reality, it is a local campaign that helps provide the best user experience for patients, which in turn can help put you ahead of competitors.

Here are a couple tips from your IBIS Technologies Dental SEO team on how to focus on your patient’s needs while achieving the Google-friendly site you want:

#1 Create Unique Content for Your Potential Patients

Google recognizes unique content and ranks you higher for it within the search engines. They said it themselves! Unique content goes a long way with prospective patients. They want to know what treatment plans you provide, and who you are, which ultimately helps them decide whether your practice is the right fit for them.

Our SEO team wants to help you create personalized content for all your services and has made easy-to-fill-out questionnaires to do so. All we ask is that you write at least 3-4 sentences per question for substantial content. You will also have the ability to add new photos and videos to your site.

#2 Link Building is Key to Success in this SEO Game

Link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites that direct them to your own. A link is a way for users to navigate between pages online. Acquiring backlinks from websites will not only naturally transition potential patients to your website, but also allow search engines to gather information about your dental practice.

#3 Be Consistent and Accessible for Your Potential Patients

For our members who utilize the IBIS Technologies Dental SEO service, we will do this internally for you! Once a month we analyze our IBIS Technologies SEO member’s performance and implement local optimization strategies, including optimizing link structure. The SEO team will recommend ways to optimize a website’s accessibility externally as well. That means helping optimize a site’s information on

  • A Directory listing,
  • Community website or
  • Social media platform.

Consistency is paramount for a businesses wanting to be found.

SEO is an important part of solidifying your online presence as a dental practice. Don’t neglect it! Contact the SEO Team directly to learn more about additional ways to make your dental practice website Google-friendly or for help with brainstorming ways to improve your link building and create unique content for your dental practice.

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