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Feed Prospects Slow and Steady and Watch Your Dental Practice Grow. Easy to use, fully integrated email marketing automation.

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"“IBIS Technologies has helped my practice immensely over the last 3+ years. Rajvi and Ken have spent time and brought ideas to me that are innovative and exciting. Recently, we implemented new marketing ideas that have led to high quality treatments that are extremely rewarding for both our patients and for our practice. If you want to market your practice, these folks know their stuff!”"
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Starting at $475 / month. Workflows is a part of Maccrony Dental Practice Dominator Only.

Automation that Moves the Needle

Intuitive Campaign Builder with Branching Logic

Build simple follow up campaigns or complex, multi-stage journeys with multiple branches and actions easily.

Keep in Close Touch with Your Contacts

Workflows makes it possible to give every contact in your database the specific attention they deserve - and that you would never have the time to provide otherwise.

Automation Beyond Email

Workflows works at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Nurture early stage leads. Hand leads off to sales. Keep in touch with your customers over the long term.

Workflows helped one customer reduce their average sales cycle by 66% by nurturing contacts to sales readiness.

Features of Workflows

Deep Analytics on What is Working

The all-in-one nature of Maccrony means you can easily see if your workflows are helping you meet your end goals.

Segment With Context

Maccrony takes everything you know about a lead into context with branching logic to put your leads into the most relevant workflow for them, and keep it personalized along the way.

Build Beautiful Emails Easily

Workflows works seamlessly with Maccrony Email. Build beautiful emails easily and make changes in our visual editors without every touching a line of code.

Starting at $475 / month. Workflows is a part of Maccrony Dental Practice Dominator Only.



Use advanced segmentation logic to determine exactly who gets enrolled in your workflows and when.

Branching Logic

Check conditions along the way to alter a workflow, stop a workflow, or move a contact to a different next step.

Automate Content Personalization

Go beyond email by using Workflows to categorize your contacts and serve them highly targeted messages across your entire website.

Internal Alerts & Notifications

Trigger internal notifications & alerts for your team when a contact takes a meaningful action or hits an important threshold.


Trigger webhooks to notify an internal system about a change to a contact or company.

Set Sales Tasks & Campaigns

Add tasks to Maccrony to alert your front desk to contacts they should follow up with. Easily associate records with a Maccrony campaign.

Customized, Fully-Managed Research-Driven Marketing Plugins™ Proven To Grow Your Dental Practice


Maccrony Marketing Plugins™

All-in-one Inbound Marketing Software to Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers.



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