7 Celebrity Smile Essential Tools

Not everyone feels absolutely free to smile. Only a few are born with a harmonious and perfect smile. The good news is that today, thanks to technological development in the field of dentistry, “nothing is impossible when it comes to getting the perfect smile,” says Dr. Gandhi. There are many celebrity smile essential tools available in market which can help you get a perfect Hollywood smile and shine in your professional and personal circle.

A perfect Hollywood Smile seems to be on everyone’s lips these days, and if you are one of those who are talking, but are afraid to show off your pearly whites, call or click and schedule a no obligation smile consultation with Orange County’s most well known cosmetic and restorative dentists in Bronx, New York Area, Dr. Nishita Gandhi. Dr. Gandhi has achieved multiple awards and has apeared on Dental Trends, and with 10+ years of experience, Dr. Gandhi is a true artist when it comes to cosmetic and restorative dentistry in and around Bronx, New York.

7 Celebrity Smile Essential Tools

It’s time to show the one you love, just how deep your affection runs. Whether its your spouse for many years, or one that you secretly have a crush on, it’s important to be equipped with the right tools for your sexy smile.

Tool#1 Confidence

Confident smile

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. It is one thing we are all self-conscious about, but when you feel good about your smile you will automatically have more confidence in yourself. So you should definitely make your smile work for you by making brushing teeth a regular part of your day. In order to keep your smile at its best, you first need to start with your toothbrush. You can only brush your teeth as well as the toothbrush you are using to brush them with. 3 Ways to a Confident Smile:

  • Proper Dental Health : The first step in having a smile you can be proud of is to have proper dental hygiene and health. A healthy smile is a pretty smile.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry : Stained, and discolored teeth, and large, glaring gaps between teeth are unpleasant flaws that even the best dental care may not do anything about. For such instances, your second-best option is cosmetic dentistry.
  • Show Your Smile Off : The final way to a confident smile is to show the world your pearly whites. You won’t be able to appreciate the efforts of your good dental hygiene or your cosmetic dental procedure if you continue to hide your smile. Embracing your natural smile, flaws and all will greatly improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Tool#2 Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips

Full, soft and luscious lips are generally regarded as more attractive than the ones that are thin, dry and cracked. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to address the problem of thinning lips.

  • Non-Permanent Injectable Lip Filler : Non Surgical Lip Enhancement can be a perfect solution for instantly fuller, plumper and sexier lips.
  • Use lip plumping products and lip enhancing make up techniques : You can achieve a temporary lip plumping effect by using cosmetic lip plumpers, or you can make your own by using a few drops of an essential oil and natural home ingredients.
  • Keep your lips looking soft and moist : Choose a good lip balm to moisturise your lips with SPF to prevent them from drying out and harmful sun rays. Ex-foliate your lips regularly. Get a soft baby brush or use a face cloth. Don’t use your regular brush. Drink enough water to keep your body and lips hydrated.

Tool#3 Eye Contact

Eye Contact

A real smile involves both the mouth and the eyes. It’s where your crow’s feet come from, but a charismatic smile is worth the sacrifice of a little skin around your eyes. Let those eyes crinkle, show off that top row of teeth (especially now that you’ve got them looking so good) and get that grin wide.

Tool #4 White Teeth

white teeth

In many cases making your teeth just a couple of shades cleaner makes a huge difference. Most home teeth whitening solutions are either temporary or completely ineffective. In order to achieve the proper look for your mouth, and maintain it, there is no other option than using a cosmetic dentist. Of course, there are hundreds of ways that you can refresh your mouth that can achieve drastic results. However, teeth whitening is by far the most popular due to its: speed, affordability, and comfort.

Tool#5 Fresh Breath

fresh breathe

There’s nothing more embarrassing than offending the person you are talking to with your not-so-pleasant breath. When you have bad breath, not only are you embarrassed, but you are also less likely to speak up when that perfect opportunity comes for you to share some insightful thought with your friends or colleagues. Brushing teeth is a regular part of everyone’s morning and nighttime routine, and has become almost second nature. Brush teeth twice a day and floss daily. Use a tongue scraper to eliminate odor-causing bacteria on the tongue.

Tool#6 Words


Let’s face it, a smile is super sexy, but words properly pieced together can have a much sexier and lasting effect. After your smile wins the attention of your Valentine, now it’s time to speak from those lips. Let your words be filled with truth, weight and beauty.

Consider offering:

  • A thoughtful compliment
  • An invitation to fun or adventure
  • An inquiring question
  • An offer to help
  • A whisper of affection

Tool#7 Hydrate


Water is good for the health of your teeth and gums in a direct way. One of the things that happen if you become dehydrated is that your saliva flow decreases. You may have noticed this from time to time if you are playing hard at a sport, or have been outside on a hot day without a refreshing beverage. Hydration is necessary for saliva to flow properly, and adequate saliva flow is a must for a healthy mouth. Saliva protects teeth. It dilutes sugars and another residue that could increase acidity. To keep the flow going, sip water throughout the day.


Dr. Gandhi ensures that your specific dental needs are met at Bronx, New York. Dr. Gandhi is a best cosmetic dentist for the Bronx area, she holds numerous awards and is highly-ranked on Zocdoc. If you are someone from around Bronx, New York and need to have your teeth fixed, Schedule an appointment with Dr. Gandhi and get a perfect Hollywood smile for yourself.

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